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Staying on the theme of podcasts and audiobooks, here are some more of Transgress Magazine‘s favorite things you might want to consider for the holidays.

Pseudopod is the premier horror podcast in the world, and they’ve been doing it for pseudopodmore than five years with little interruption. And those few down times? They served to remind us just how much we loved and needed this show.

Sure, we’ve shined on this podcast earlier this year in our 31 Days of Dread series, but it bears repeating. If there’s a dark fiction fan on your shopping list, you’d do well to order seasons 1-6 through PodDisc.

Which is a perfect segue into another of our favorite programs: Writing Excuses. This weekly podcast–insightful, sometimes silly and always entertaining–is a must-listen for anyone with a hankering to write. Even if you don’t, but love to read, this podcast will have something for you.

Hosted by best-selling authors Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells and Mary Robinette Kowal and Hugo-nominated cartoonist Howard Tayler, they’ve discussed more writing topics than we knew existed, in pleasing, 15-minute bites.

I probably learned as much about writing from this podcast as I did from my MFA. AndWE even when I don’t learn anything new, there’s always something to take away from the banter between the hosts and their occasional guests–even if it’s just the joy of listening to smart people talk about their love of books.

Like Pseudopod, Writing Excuses CD collections are also available at PodDisc. While there, you can also check out the collected works of other popular genre podcasts, such as DrabbleCast (horror), Escape Pod (science fiction) and Pod Castle (fantasy).

Thanks for reading. Have a happy holiday. Transgress will return soon with more literary subversions.