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Greetings, Transgressors.

Sorry for the radio silence. The editorial staff has had a lot on its plate this month, so we don’t have a proper October issue to release today.

That’s because a single issue could not do October justice! Rather than publish a one-off issue this month, we’ll be producing a month-long celebration of all things autumnal.

The party has already begun over at our book blog, Ensuing Chapters. For the next month, we’ve rebranded it Unsettling Chapters, and each day we’re discussing a different terrifying work of literature as part of our 31 Days of Dread. These aren’t necessarily horror novels (though there will be plenty of those), but works that disturb the reader in some way.

Transgress will be holding up our end of the bargain with occasional posts of new and original content.

Starting tonight.

Two members of our editorial board are currently in New York City for the Edward R. Murrow Awards on Monday. It also happens to be the weekend of the New Yorker Festival, and we will be reporting on the numerous literary happenings throughout the city.

Tonight, we’re attending a panel titled “Utopia/Dystopia,” featuring superstar authors Margaret Atwood, Jennifer Egan, George Saunders and moderator Daniel Zalewski.